Get it? Because you refresh a website?

Tough crowd.

If you laughed, we're besties now.

If you think this is written by AI, like most material these days, I'll stop you right there and let you know, only this greatness could come straight from the dome of a creative person in a moment of motivation.

Alright, so this blog thing on my website, I'll probably forget to keep up with it, it's going to be one of those things where I lie to myself and say I'll be oh so better at this whole organization and keeping up with posting thing, until I'm not. I might have undiagnosed ADHD, I definitely have OCD, but they don't work together like they should to give me the best chances... I'm doing my best!

I feel like this is a little redundant since to get to my blog, you have to be on my website, but I put a lot of work into this thing and I would love for that to be recognized in a blog post... for memories... which is kind of my thing. Click around on the website if you have time, I've spent a lot of mine getting everything how I want it but I know I'm imperfect so if you see a glitch, don't be afraid to tell me! I would love for everything to look as cohesive as possible.

Some things in 2024 so far

You ready for some updates? Let's start with some goals. Small, big, mildly intimidating... I've got it all. Let's start with the studio - my home away from home. I hope you've had a chance to visit, and if not... I hope you do soon! I love my space and I love sharing it with you. I am trying to de-clutter some outdated things (I've been doing this a long time, I've gathered a lot of stuff!) my husband says it's hoarding, I call it collecting... it depends on how often I get to use the stuff I guess! So if you see me shoveling things out my studio door, it's because I'm probably trying to make room (and justify) to get more new things!

I'm currently working on a set in the studio that matches that "Boho" style that just fits every modern style possible with neutrals, textures, and moody tones galore.

Definition from the Google: BOHO is defined as a socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists. IE: a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature.

I am obsessed with the arch backdrop I have in the studio and can't wait to pair it with my modern 'wingback' wicker style chair with some organic touches. I'll have a bed setup that can be moved in and out to really transform the space and make it flexible for all sessions. I'm a LOVER of the white floors, so those will probably stay... stay tuned for updates! I'll probably post a sneak peek to my instagram! 

Alright, next up to talk about... Bluebonnets? Let's talk about those wildflowers. I love the Texas tradition of getting your family and little ones out in the flowers, however... I do not have time this year to arrange specific days for the mini sessions - so I request that all my clients interested in bluebonnet photos - please schedule a day with me to get those when they're at full bloom, no sooner or later!

I'm bringing back "Mini Mondays" for the studio, between 9am-12pm I will have Mondays each month scheduled for walk-ins or planned sessions. These are super quick, simple, snapshots that you can use for headshots, milestones, or just update some portraits. The time slots will be 10 minute intervals and you'll get 1 digital with the option to buy more on your final gallery. If this interests you, watch for updates and see my "booking site" for the scheduler!

I could sit here and talk to you all day, but really I have to go finish up some editing and talk to some clients, so I'll have to cut it off right here. If there's anything you have questions about, I'm here! Your local photographer in this small town of Mabank Texas just living life, loving it all, and trying to act like I have it all together. I hope you enjoyed my website, thanks for visiting!

- Traci Lynn Photography