She came into the studio already glowing! The dresses she had in her arms made my heart so excited for this session (I was already so anxiously waiting for her arrival as it was!) Maternity sessions are just so much fun, especially when they are focused on the beauty of pregnancy and celebrating the Mom you're about to be!

We actually had to reschedule her session twice because of this dang Texas weather! I know in the springtime we should be thankful for the rain that brings us beautiful flowers but it also makes the natural light hide from us behind clouds! I'm so thankful that we had a beautiful GLOWING natural light moment in the studio for her entire session. Even if it were dark, I'm confident her natural radiance herself would've lit up the studio enough on her own. She's absolutely gorgeous!

She's my Roller Derby Sister's Sister

So kind of a fun story, her sister is one of my 'derby sisters' on our local roller derby team. Rescheduling the session actually allowed her to come help us fluff these pretty dresses and get a bunch of authentic smiles and laughs. I'm so grateful that roller derby has brought such cool people in my life, including their family members like Malia! Her little boy is oh so loved already, I really can't wait to meet him!

I just already know he's going to be full of fun and personality if he's anything like the rest of his family!

Maternity is a must.

Sadly, I notice a lot of Moms forego maternity sessions these days, I try to encourage everyone to get these photos! Every pregnancy is so different and I know it can be difficult to get in front of the camera, much less even get out of bed when you're going through pregnancy, but if you're at all interested I URGE you to think about it! I would love to work with you. I can even talk to you about bundling a maternity and newborn session together. And don't worry, you don't have to get all dolled up, wear big dresses, or be photo ready at all. If you'd like to do a lifestyle maternity in your home, an outdoor session amongst some fresh grass and tall trees, or more down to earth in the studio with natural light and neutral tones... I've got you! Let's get you in for your session.

Thanks for the love and support!