Traci Lynn Photography - Boudoir

An empowering experience

Boudoir photography is a wonderful way to embrace the love your body deserves. Every body deserves to be celebrated. Our bodies carry us through life and show the world who we are. Our soul is our internal image, and outwardly our body reflects our soul. I am passionate about boudoir photography because I want to help others with their journey to self love. As a boudoir photographer, my goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where others can explore their own sensuality and express themselves.


Do you have a client closet?
I don't currently have a full client closet for boudoir. With fashion trends and personalization, it's impossible for me to have everything that everyone would like. I love working with my clients to help with textures and color palettes. If you are needing assistance with your outfits for the session, please reach out!
Why is the session fee separate?
The session fee includes all of the session time, the proofing and the final editing. I love offering ordering separately so that each client can decide how they want their portraits. Some clients love physical products, some like keeping digitals saved. You have the option to choose how many finished portraits you'd like and I get to focus on the quality of them.
Can we choose the location?
If travel is necessary there is a reasonable fee applied. I do offer in home boudoir and I'm open to discussing venue rental for other locations. Any location we use for boudoir must be approved ahead of time.
Do you offer hair and make-up?
I have very talented friends in the industry who offer these services. If you'd like to have an artist on site I would love to discuss this with you. Their fees will be separate from my own. If you have an artist of your own they are welcome to come to the session, any additional session time to apply make-up/style hair will require planning ahead of time and fees may apply.
How long does it take to receive the final edited portraits?
I understand the anticipation! I strive for the best outcome for boudoir portraits. Editing them can be a little more than a typical photo session, so expect respectable turnaround times within 2-3 weeks after you session, after you have selected your proofs. Your proofs help me narrow down what you'd like to order, I return them to you completely enhanced.
Do you only offer boudoir for women?
I am inclusive to anyone who would like a boudoir session! I "specialize" with women when it comes to boudoir, but I would love to work with everyone interested. This is a sensual, intimate, and empowering experience for each person in front of my lens. It means the world to me when people come to me interested in this type of session.

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