Cake Smash

Turning one is a huge deal! Let's celebrate with some cake!

I highly suggest scheduling at least 2 weeks before your baby's party date, that way you have plenty of time to print for invitations, thank you notes, and party displays. Contact ASAP using the contact tab to book a date as soon as possible.

I'll say it right now, some babies just don't like being messy, and that's fine! Please bring puff snacks, cheerios, or your baby's fave finger-fed snack to bribe your little one to interact if they're not feeling the cake. Sometimes it helps them transition to cake sticking a puff or cheerio on the icing. I say this, but SOME babies dig in and basically bathe in the icing by the time we call it quits. Let me know their favorite TV shows, characters, and songs so I can prepare for some music and entertainment. If you didn't already know, one year olds have very short attention spans (something we have in common!)

You're welcome to bring 2 outfits for cake smash sessions. I suggest something super cute for the first birthday portraits, and then a cake smash outfit. Usually parents bring a diaper cover, maybe suspenders for boys, cutesy hats, bloomers, pearls, anything you don't mind them looking cute and also getting messy in during the squishy cake part. 

All setups are designed by TLP, usually a solid color backdrop, some color coordinated props and decor, and a few accents. I welcome party decor to incorporate your baby's party theme into the set. We can either go extravagant or small, depends on your taste. Feel free to send ideas to me during the planning process.

Cake is provided for cake smash sessions, through a varitety of 3 local bakers.