It's a.... Gender Reveal!

I spent the evening with a very excited little girl, ready to find out, and announce to the world, if her sibling was a boy or a girl! She was rooting for the bows and tutus, even as we painted her hands she said "That better be pink paint!" (she had her eyes covered)

It wasn't pink paint! She's going to be a big sister to a little bitty mister! Her reaction was SO cute/funny/hilarious/priceless. I love being able to capture the little moments. While I'm not perfect with video yet, my best friend was recording it all on her phone (my new years resolution will be to work on video with my backup camera), which I am very grateful for because her little brother needs to hear it for himself. It's rumored that having a brother means one big thing...


And also "watching boy shows", her Mom told me that Ava wasn't excited about having to watch boy shows (haha!) I love the mindset of children, they're so off the wall. 

She's excited! She's going to be an incredible big sister, I can't wait to meet the little dude and hopefully Mommy comes up with a name better than Ava's suggestion.... 

Hulk, the baby will be named Hulk!

Just kidding, don't start embroidering blankets, bibs, and bags yet, Angela (Mom) isn't a fan of that name, but Ava said it was cool, so it's kind of sticking for me. (Searching for the perfect Hulk set to use for newborn pictures, right now!) 

Had a great time! Thank you, Angela and Ava, for hiring me for this beautiful announcement.

 -Traci Lynn Fugitt

Wedding on a Whim

Not your usual request, a wedding on a whim. Usually when a couple comes to me, blushing bride to be with engagement selfies and plans for every second, from the moment they wake up (Yes I have been asked if I'd like to stay the night and get "pre-pre-wedding" memories of the girls going to brunch and such), (and no I didn't do it, I *HAVE* however been known to drop in on the ladies getting their nails done the day before or hair done the morning of). But this wasn't your typical "Traci, I'd like to hire you for my wedding day." No, this was more someone that I've been friends with for a while, from her struggles to her victories, and currently one fantastic journey of pregnancy, raising one of the SWEETEST little girls, and now, a new chapter begins. The married life! I am so incredibly happy for these FOUR! 

I photographed Kayla's pregnancy announcement, which was a tear-jerker all it's own, when I got that "Hey I have a secret" text message, I couldn't help but cry. I am so happy for everything positive in her life these days! 



She messaged my business page, asking me for the request, giving me an out if I didn't want to do it (crazy person, of course I wanted to!) Set the date a few days away, and met at the local park. We originally planned to do the ceremony at an amphitheater, but when we walked closer, I saw a perfectly lit spot under some trees, and knew I could get beautiful pictures there. 



With the preacher, groom, bride, flower girl, sister and her +1, I was the only other guest to witness two people become Mr. & Mrs. on a super secret wedding day. How cool is that? I am so honored, tickled, and happy for them! 

I am usually so booked and frantic that it is almost impossible to get me on the weekends, but with my son's soccer schedule, and newborns needing on-the-fly scheduling, I try to keep 2 "rain-dates" available for sessions, I never would have thought that this would be a rain-date reason! 






Thank you so much, Kyle, Kayla, and Kaylee for hiring me for your beautiful wedding date, may you have a life together that is full of happiness and love. Never go to bed angry, you can never say "I Love You" enough, Practice writing your last name (get it legally changed!) and remember the first moments where you fell in love. There will be rough days, but oh the good ones, they're what matter most. Congratulations on your year, you have a lot to look forward to!

With love -Traci Lynn Fugitt