Mabank Prom Primp Party @ The Barber Salon

It's prom night for Mabank High School! I hope everyone had a beautiful evening full of fun and entertainment. Soak in every moment, y'all it goes by SO fast! I know that's something you're probably tired of hearing from the adults in your life, but before you know it you'll be the adult saying it to a group of teenagers on THEIR prom night.

Anyway, enough of that, let's move on to one of the coolest, most generous events I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of, the first ever PROM PRIMP PARTY hosted by The Barber Salon in Mabank, on the historic Market Street (yes, where my studio is located!) I am so happy to be a part of such a loving, giving, generous, and gracious community. Starla, the mastermind of it all, owner of The Barber Salon, pulled together the idea to gift a party at her salon for 5 lucky Mabank Senior graduates attending their prom in 2018, AND their Mommas! Complete with gifts and goodies from Market Street businesses and a few Mabank hometown businesses. How amazing is that? Makes me a little green with envy wishing someone had thought about that in good ol' Malakoff (where I went to school, haha don't shun me for not being a Mabank panther) 

Yesterday the girls met up at the Market Street Suites for spray tans, eyebrow waxing, and more, by the Wax Room. They were all ready and radiant for their big night out!

The ladies started their Prom day at Mabank High School, gathered to be escorted to Market Street by the LIMO, generously provided by Eubank Funeral Home (located in Mabank as well), at the early hour of 8:45AM 

They had super secret "Glam bags" in hand, gifted from one of my favorite boutique shops, The Market Street NEST.

They arrived at the Barber Salon and were styled in their customized Primp Party smocks decorated by Dirt Road Divas and Susan Russell. If you haven't visited Dirt Road Divas for their adorable shop, you should definitely swing by for a cup of their yummy coffee! 


The girls got comfy, ate some biscuits from Chick-Fil-A, shortly followed by the melt-in-your-mouth breakfast scones from our wonderful Market Street Bakery. Melissa always puts her heart into everything she makes from her bakery.

Starla started the primping process with everything from curls to extensions, the amount of hair spray, heating tools, make-ups, and everything you could imagine possible for getting ready for a magical night at prom in that salon was amazing. She really outdid herself! 

While the girls were being dolled up, the Moms got to literally kick back and relax from head to toe with a zen herbal foot soak and scrub, a mini aroma-facial massage, and scalp, neck and shoulder massages by the incredible Magnolia Body Works (also located on Market Street). Jessica made sure the ladies were taken care of, since they do so well taking care of their Senior grads. A Mom needs some love after all that stress of Senior year!

After the Moms were tingling and ready for a nap from their special treatment, they headed over for lunch hour wine tasting at Twisted Sisters Wines & Finds, provided by Lake Glass & Mirror. (I think the Moms had a great time with that also!)

The girls finished their make-up, some being pampered by Kaylie Oxendine of Follow Your Dreams, everyone watched as she contoured and added lashes for these very beautiful girls.


With the cold and rain, the ladies decided to get into their dresses at home and so the time came where they loaded up to leave, corsages in hand, generously donated by the Mabank Floral & Gifts. The girls were on their way to meet their dates in their new glowing looks, enjoying meals before prom, speaking of meals, Dickey's BBQ of Mabank also donated to the event! 

It was definitely the hardest part to see them leave, and I was super sad I didn't get to take pictures in their final attire, like I had hoped, but it was great to meet all the girls, their Mommas, and spend the day with them at this beyond wonderful event. 

I hope everyone had a great time and made awesome memories, I want to say WAY TO GO Mabank businesses for coming together to do this for these ladies. It's an honor to be a part of this community!


I'll have a gallery loaded for the girls to see all the pictures and hopefully a video promo for Starla very soon! It was definitely a day to remember. I look forward to seeing the town come together even more, maybe next year for Prom 2019! 

Be kind, always


Here's a list of all the businesses who contributed, thank you all for making this happen!

The Barber Salon
Follow Your Dreams
The Wax Room
Traci Lynn Photography (that's me!) 
Magnolia BodyWorks
Elsie Mae on Market
Elsie Mae & More
Twisted Sisters Wines & Finds
market street NEST
Market Street Bakery
Eubank Funeral Home
Mabank Floral & Gifts
Lake Glass & Mirror
Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Mabank