Paisley's Minnie Mouse Cake Smash

It's so funny doing cake smash sessions because we can never be sure that baby's will be too into the whole idea of smashing this incredibly delicious, sweet, perfectly decorated creation in front of them. If I'm completely honest, sometimes we fake it in studio when babies aren't having it. Mom reaches over and helps get their fingers into the icing or we even hide their favorite snacks (goldfish crackers usually do the best with hiding!) and try to coax them to dig into the cake to find them.

But every now and then, I get a MESSY BABY! I always put thoughts out into the world, praying to God that we have a messy baby in the studio. (Seems silly, I get this whole setup ready and beg for it to be demolished, haha!) #messybabyvibes is totally my hopes on a cake smash day. 

Paisley? She was totally one of the messiest babies I've EVER had in studio!! It was awesome. 

First we started off with her adorable "I'm one!" birthday shots, as always I take a few poses "clean" pre-cake-destroying-madness and they're always adorbs to a 100 percentage. 

fb Paisley.jpg

I mean, adorbs right? TOTES! She rocked her session I tell you, from start to finish. 

We sang ABCs, Patty cake, and danced it out to some Taylor Swift, she really liked shaking it off the most.

Then. The. Cake. Happened. 

Of course, this adorable custom Minnie Mouse creation is from Confectionary Dreams, located in Athens Texas. Their sweets and goodies are always on point and beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I can't thank them enough for working with me on these awesome sets! My first birthday cake-smash setups would be nothing without these cakes to tie it all together.

Okay, without any more hesitation, here is the glory that is Paisley's cake smash! 

fb Cake Smash.jpg

Of course I couldn't just let her Momma take her home after all this, we had to bathe her, she was COVERED, that sweet girl painted herself with cake, haha! So I pulled out the bath, some of my sessions come with a "bath time" option and this was definitely a good time to use that!

Facebook Bath 1.jpg

Oh dear we had so much fun. Thank you so much to her mommy for choosing TLP for Paisley's first birthday memories. It was such a great time celebrating a year in the life! I loved every second of it and hope y'all love her final portraits. 

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Happy First Birthday Paisley!