Maliah - Hello Baby!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things
- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities - Eda J LeShan

Friday the 13th is a superstitious day to many in the world, but I find the wonder in it! I love the quirky feeling of superstition. I know it's really not something to mess around with, believe me I avoid walking under ladders, don't open umbrellas inside, spilling salt is a huge mistake and all mirrors better stay intact. But Friday the 13th? It's still a day for beautiful things to happen.

Like your water breaking in the parking lot before you go in the hospital to be induced.

And being in labor for hours on end until it's decided a c-section is the best bet for little miss to enter the world. And oh y'all did she enter this world! That girl shook the soil of this earth when she made her appearance, she is absolutely adorable, I couldn't get enough of her cheeks! Welcome, baby Maliah, you are so very loved! (And you have an awesome birthday month, the best are born in April, but I may be bias)


Congratulation Johnny & Jocelynn, your little girl is absolutely precious. Hold her close and love her lots, these nights are long but the days are short!

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