Goodbye to 2018

I have said it and will say it again (and again & again… & AGAIN!) I have the best clients in the world. As I sit here, counting down until midnight, on the last day of 2018, I look back at my sessions this past year and tears start to roll down my face. HAPPY tears of course!

I am so honored to have been hired for 256 beautiful occasions, capturing so many family memories, celebrating weddings, birthdays, and births. I am truly honored, and I am beyond thankful! This has been TLP’s best year yet, and it’s all thanks to my clients.

It hasn’t been easy 100%, don’t let me fool you, running a small business isn’t all cake (even though I’ve bought over 20 cakes this year, haha!) there are days where I wondered if I were strong enough to carry all the positions my job holds, as an accountant, a maid, a planner, a designer, an editor, a stylist, all of that, plus more, and not to forget being the photographer. But here I am, I’m balancing it and hopefully 2019 will be much easier on all levels! (However, I’m always up for the challenges!)

Not every artist is in it for the right reasons, and for that, I hope I stick out in my target clientele’s mind as not only valuable, but talented and original. I never want to be seen as the photographer people go to because I’m cheaper, or that I look like “so and so” but have a better price or more for less. I hope my clientele continue to come through my studio door and love their portraits, time and time again, because they value me as their local photographer, and trust me as their artist.

And with the previous topic, I know that there are many choices out there, I LOVE our photography community, I’m friends with a lot of very talented ladies who have true passion and drive for this. We motivate each other, swap knowledge over a coffee date or scout new locations, or if we can’t meet in person (our schedules are craaaazy) we spend a lot of late night hours over chats and group posts. It is truly amazing being a part of #communityovercompetition in our small area, connected to the bigger areas of Dallas, Tyler, and surrounding.

Over the last 8 years I have been through many obstacles, and I know it’s not the end, but I’m stronger and wiser, and will do my best to be YOUR photographer, or help you find the one for you. So that being said, and if you have made it this far - THANK YOU to the photography community, our #LocalLensBuddies #LocalLensLadies and the ‘Happy Tog’ groups. Late nights, editing tips, workshops, and so much more, we have to stick together in order to pretend we have it all together.

In 2018 I spent my 2nd year on Market Street, #TheBestLittleMarketStreetinTexas , in beautiful #MabankTexas where I’m convinced only the best people come to shop. I have never met a more lively shopping crowd as the ones that grace the street of downtown Mabank, there is always a friendly face, a story being told, and not to mention the shops are great too!

I left Market Street for the LONG trek of ACROSS THE HIGHWAY, haha! And opened my studio in 1,000 spacious feet. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all my space, but I have used every part of it so far while shooting the last few months. I love being able to have so many setups up, have all my props on their shelves, and have a seating area where my clients get comfortable and trust me to help tell their story. I’m still very active in the Mabank community, and consider myself an honorary revivalist member of #MabankMarketStreet , I often miss my small space, but I have to tell you, it’s great having a new storefront! I think this is one of my biggest and most favorite photography accomplishments yet, and it’s all thanks to my clientele. I outgrew my space, not only in room for all the props and backdrops, but for the amount of work in and out from day to day, week to week, month to month, and a new year to the next.

There are so many beautiful memories, in these photos I’m about to share. I helped brides and grooms come together as husband and wife, I’ve have a couple come back with newborns, I’ve visited hospitals to see their growing family in their first hours together, I’ve hugged so many little ones goodbye after they rocked their family sessions and milestones, I’ve celebrated birthdays and seen others just because!

It’s incredible how this hobby of mine, all my life, for as long as I can remember, turned into my career. I would have never guessed, and kind of wish I did so I could have saved some time and money from going to college to be a teacher, hah! (Shout out to teachers! You’re the real heroes! I couldn’t do it!) I remember being in middle school, getting my first camera, I remember upgrading to a DSLR in high school, I remember doing Senior portraits for my friends, and not realizing that was what we were doing (We thought we were just taking nice photos for our Myspace profiles, hey y’all owe me some session fees! Haha totally kidding… maybe!) I remember graduating and my Papa took me to get a new camera, and that was the one I used to start taking client photos. I worked at PictureMe! In Walmart, and hated all the rules they had, and eventually the place fell apart and moved out, months before that happened I started my business, and didn’t realize it would keep growing from that moment on.

So I’ll stop rambling and just THANK YOU all for the memories, for trusting me, and supporting this little dream of mine that has turned into something big! I hope to keep growing, keep learning, and forever be able to be your storyteller, through my photography.

Now how about those photos?


Thank you all for such a fun-filled, spectacular year! I hope you all have had a great one, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

Love always

-Traci Lynn Fugitt,
owner and artist of Traci Lynn Photography