Be Mine, Valentine!

VALENTINE'S IS ALMOST HERE! Can you believe that we went from Christmas trees, lights, bells, and whistles to almost being time to work out a deal with Cupid, himself, on what to get your special crush for Valentine's day, this year? 

If you have a little one and want to capture their first Valentine's day, bring them in! Send your loved ones, friends, etc. custom Valentine's cards of your littles straight from your session with Traci Lynn Photography. 



If you are older than 18, and have a crush that's a little more serious, get with me for BOUDOIR sessions! They're so much fun! AND this year, I've knocked down the pricing to where you can get exactly what you want out of your session. Whether it's a few prints in a photo album, or a little black pocket book for your significant other to keep in their safe place, this is YOUR year to rock this session. HEY! If you don't have a certain someone to send these to, they're not JUST for someone else, they are for YOU too! Boudoir sessions are the perfect confidence boost, and honestly the most "TREAT YO SELF" thing you can do for yourself, ever. Show off your sexy. Interested? Click over to "Seasonals" and then click on 'boudoir' on the drop down menu. SIGN UP! Let's talk. Get on the schedule, fast!