Baby Kennedi

 A baby is so precious, every second of their life, they change,
and eventually they do have to grow up! (Let's not talk about that part too much.) 

 Little baby Kennedi, one of the sweetest baby girls I have ever met! 

Seriously - look at that precious smile. I could snuggle her sweet face all day if they let me, and if I didn't have a million other things to be doing. Don't let her fool you - she didn't sleep soundly the whole session, but she did give the cutest little faces while she was awake.

Kennedi (46).jpg

Nichole, Kennedi's mommy, was so excited about bringing Kennedi in, we talked about the colors, the setups, and everything up to the minute we set the studio up for her session. When we talked about butterflies, pinks, purples, I had this vision in my mind - and here it is now, just look! 

I love creating timeless memories, like this one. This sweet artistic wall art will be loved for many years to come. I had it printed the day after I finished it, and presented it to her parents at the ordering appointment, 10 days later. It was rough keeping that secret to myself! As soon as they got home, they put it above her crib. I can just see her growing up, seeing this beautiful mural, knowing the love that was put into it. From crib sleeping, crawling, walking, birthdays, to graduation, this timeless art will grow in value for them, and that is just overwhelming to think about! I am beyond thrilled to be able to create this for my clients, and can't wait for the canvas of Kennedi and her older brother, Eli, to come in!

Kennedi (32).jpg

I absolutely love that portrait! Eli did so great with Kennedi, he held her close, smiled without being cued, he is a perfect older brother. Check out that sweet look he's giving. 

I have to say, thank you so much, to Jeremy and Nichole. I loved meeting their children and can't wait for more sessions to come. Congratulations on your sweet little girl, she is darling!


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