Christmas Magic

 If you follow my page on , chances are that you have seen one of my favorite clients, Lindsey, and her boys, Cooper and Corbin.  As tradition the past few years, we did their Christmas portraits! 

This year we took a turn from outdoorsy woodsy Christmas themes, and decided on portraits, together, in their beautiful home -

Cooper, Lindsey, and Corbin reading a Christmas themed book. I absolutely love the warm feeling I get from these. You can feel the holiday spirit in the air and almost makes you want to curl up and listen to the story being told. Don't they look super snuggled?

After those, we made our way into the living room, and of course their home is BEAUTIFULLY decorated, seriously Lindsey is on my list for who to call when I purchase my dream home in 100 years (I'm immortal, duhh!) 

Aren't they just the sweetest? I could seriously spend my entire day in this house with them. They were so excited to show off in their own place. At one point I think Corbin forgot that we were already 'at home' because he asked Lindsey, "After pictures are we going to go home?" I couldn't help but giggle.

Look how CUTE! There's nothing in this world that is more Christmas-sy at this very moment. I think the only thing that would make it more so would be snow covering the window outside, but let's get real, I'm in East Texas, but a girl can dream! 

Okay, so I'm glad Lindsey loves my work, because this next section from the session is very magical in a different way than a Santa sneaking in when you're snoozing by the tree. 

There's a reason I'm a photographer, and there's a reason I specialize with children - I LOVE THE MAGIC. What do I mean by that? The sparkle in a child's eye when you say something that sparks a curiosity or wonder, like... I don't know... let's be specific here...

"Throw this entire cup of flour at Corbin"
or maybe "Throw these sprinkles, this container of sprinkles, all over this kitchen"
And DEFINITELY "Let's make snow angels in the flour!"  That you know, is on the floor of this kitchen. 

THAT magic. It's irreplaceable, honestly.

Thank you so much, Lindsey, Cooper, and Corbin for another wonderful session!
It was great to spend time with you before the December holiday took full speed, I hope you have a magical Christmas time. 


-Traci Lynn Fugitt