Birth Story Q&A

Q: What is included with a birth story session?
A: TLP is on call until your delivery, from 6cm dilation until your baby is an hour young, TLP is there to document your birth's moments. Preparation, during, and after, you end up with around 100 minimum photos at average, all ready to view on a password protected online gallery, as well as a video slideshow to share with family and friends.

Q: Why should I hire a birth photographer?
A: Ask any mother what they want now, years later, of their birth and they would tell you either pain tolerance or more than likely MORE pictures, videos, memories remembered. When you're giving birth, at the moment it feels like the longest thing you've ever endured, but it truly goes by in a blink. You'll want to remember your loved ones, looking forward to meeting the little one, and actually getting to hold them, the first time your little one opened their eyes or was soothed by you during tiny cry. If you're breastfeeding, often mothers want pictures of the first latch, baby all cuddled up and bonding with mommy skin to skin. And my most loved reasoning in hiring a birth photographer, is "hold her hand, not the camera", because whoever is in the room with you, dad, sister, mom, best friend, whoever it is, you want them supporting you, they're going to be so overwhelmed with emotion that the camera will be the last of their worries OR they will be so worried about getting the shot that you don't have the support you need during birth. Hire a professional, it's so worth it. Whether it's me or "Suzy Shoots A Lot" down the street, you deserve to have these memories in photographs.

Q: Can I meet you before the big day? 
A: Absolutely, I am open to meeting for lunch, coffee, or in my very own studio. If you have other children, we can definitely set up a playdate, I have two elementary school age children of my own! 

Q: If I go into labor in the early morning or late at night, will you for sure be there?
A: I will do everything in my power to be there, I keep in touch around your due-date, and if I have regular sessions, I reschedule them if needed. The only thing I cannot reschedule are wedding dates, and to this day I have never scheduled a birth around a wedding, so we are good! I will let you know 100% of my schedule around your due-date so you know that I am available. Emergencies are not a dealbreaker, I will do my best to arrange it. 

Q: I don't really know you, so is it weird having a stranger all up in your business during a birth?
A: I am a fly on the wall, for the most part. During labor I stay out of the way and work with the delivery staff to get the most shots while still letting them perform. ALL THE SHOTS ARE TAKEN FROM DECENT ANGLES, meaning I have never seen another woman's "downstairs" in my 14 birth stories that I have done. I won't be silent during the birthing process, unless you ask me to, I give you space, but I promise it's never awkward having me there to talk to. Also, there is zero off camera lighting that is intrusive, this is not a film set, everything is documentary style and pure.

Q: What if I have an emergency c-section?
A: Often, the hospital staff is against having a 2nd person in the operating room, if this is the case I can pass an extra camera on AUTO functions to the person going in with you, to capture what they can, and pass off to a nurse for "family" pictures fast after baby is over the curtain, I will include all of these images in your finished gallery and edit them enough to be acceptable. I will stay the hour after birth, to document baby's first moments, and if you are released and recovering, I will take pictures of you holding your baby before I leave.

Q: If I have a long labor, do you stay? Is there additional charge?
A: Yes, I stay, for the most part. If you go over 6 hours with zero progress from 6cm, I might find a hotel local to stay at or go home if the birth is local, for nap or out for a meal in town and come back to hang out. If you are over 6cm I will stay in the hospital area. There is no charge for a longer labor, I am on call for a reason, 100% there for you. 

Q: What if you do not make it to my birth?
A: Unfortunately the whole experience/process is unpredictable. If I miss your birth, due to progression of the birth being rather fast, I will still arrive and photograph everything else up to 1-2 hours at the hospital, and we will talk about reimbursing with session credits for your baby's first year of life photographic needs.

Q: How many births do you plan a month?
A: 1 each month, but if I have another birth mom delivering around the same time in the same hospital, I am not against taking her appointment as well, I just prefer not doing birth stories for the same birth month at two different hospitals so I'm not pulling a sitcom like switcharoo montage going back and forth from hospital to hospital if they both go in labor. 

Any additional questions? Just ask!