The first thing people notice about me is how quiet I usually am, but don't let that fool you, get me talking and playing with little ones and you'll be hoping I take a break to breathe soon! I overuse the word "cute", and make silly noises when I love what I see on my camera's screen. I love life, every second of it, from the moment a baby's heart first beats, to the last time they hold their loved one's hands, every second of life is precious, and important. Every soul I meet makes an impact on my heart, I am absolutely obsessed with hearing your stories and providing this beautiful service where I can truly show you the value of a memory.

 I am a work at home mom to 2 fantastic children. Benjamin, my bug, he's positively brilliant, and Gwendelyn, my wildflower, she is my wild child. I've been married, since 2010, to this sarcastic, bearded man named Thomas, he is my best friend, soulmate, and all that jazz. My family's happiness means everything to me, I'm very lucky to have them.

     I started my photographic journey when I was growing up, my grandfather was always the man behind the camera, whether it be video, film, and now digital, he was always recording our important times, and that's basically how my mind was raised. As you get older you see how life changes, and you're constantly wishing for a pause button.

  Sometimes it is very hard to talk on the phone with my unpredictable life, and to be honest I have the oddest social anxiety, but I'd love to get in touch and get to meet YOU, now that you know a little bit about me! Let's talk! Go over to the Contact tab and let me help you tell your story.

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